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Here is the new and exciting news I was talking about last week. check it out!



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Had a great week last week but that came to a halt when I came down with the flu this week.  My last run was Monday and a good one at that, who would’ve thought that 24 hours later I’d be laying in my bed not wanting to move.  Good news is I’m feeling much better and the only thing bothering me now are my sinuses.  I hope to get a workout in this weekend since the weather looks perfect but I will only do so if I continue to improve.  Hope everyone is settled into the New Year and have but their fitness goals down on paper.

Some exciting news coming next week, be on the lookout.

Till next time, I run do you?

New Year New Goals!

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First off, Happy New Year!  Let’s hope 13 is everyone’s luck number.  I’ve decided to change my goals and workouts for 2013.  Insanity will be scaled back to 2x’s per week as I need to gear up my running in preparation for the New Jersey Marathon on May 5th.  I’ll take a week off after the marathon and then start training for a sprint triathlon on July 7th and another sprint on August 11th.  If all goes well I’ll then up my running again for the NYC Marathon on Nov. 3rd.  I’ll also be doing a push up workout every other day with the cool 100 pushups app.  The goal of the app is to get you to perform 100 push ups nonstop over a 18 week period.  5 sets of varied reps every other day and by week 18 you are performing a total of 274 push ups.  After week 18 you should be able to perform 100 pushups nonstop, I’ll let you know if it works.

It’s best to plan the year out and have a goal otherwise you’ll find every excuse to start tomorrow and before you know it you’ll be looking at 2014.  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013!

Till next time, I run do you?

First Run in 13 Weeks

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I decided to test out the leg for the first time in 13 weeks and go for my first run Monday morning at 5:45 AM.  I was tired and sore from Insanity the night before but it didn’t stop me from lacing up my running shoes, grab the dog and go!  My goal was simple, try to go 4 miles pain free, not worry about pace and have fun.  I was successful at all three.  The big question now was would the leg be sore the next day?  Not at all, in fact the only soreness I had in my legs was purely muscle.  I’ll continue to run 2-3x’s per week and increase mileage as the weeks go by, I know it’s going to take me awhile to get back up to 40 miles per week but I have all winter to do so.

As for Insanity I continue to plug along, take less frequent shorter breaks and push myself with each workout.  Just make sure if you are doing Insanity for the first time don’t press pause if you need a break.  If you need a break stop for 10-15 seconds grab a swig of water catch your breath and jump right back into the exercise.  If you press pause I guarantee you the break will be longer as your mind starts playing tricks on you.  On the flip side when you take that break and Insanity continues to play your break will be shorter.  Mentally you feel like you are missing out, not to mention you have Shaun T yelling at you to “dig deep” and “you can do it.”  Cardio Power and Resistance tonight, bring it!

Till next time, I run do you?


Insanity Week 2

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Rough ending to week 1 of Insanity but I was able to push through.  Week 2 should be better with less soreness and breaks throughout each workout.  Week 2 brings a new workout into the mix towards the end as you will now incorporate Cardio Abs into your schedule.  This workout will take place Friday, this means I’ll do Pure Cardio first then get right back into it with Cardio Abs.  I’ve read that these workouts should be broken up (one in the AM, one in the PM) but I like to get it done all at once.


This week I’m planning on incorporating a bit more cardio outside of Insanity by either running 2-3x’s or riding my bike on the new roller set up my buddy CJ gave me.  Not familiar with bike rollers, click here.  Not going to be easy but thankfully I have a front fork mount that came with the rollers which allows me to take my front wheel off  and cycle without having to worry about falling off. I’ll start off doing this first then when I’m brave enough attempt to ride without the front mount.


As for diet I’ve been fairly good, take away the beers this weekend and it would’ve been even better.  Both my calf and leg are better today then they were last week and I hope they continue to get stronger as my workouts progress.  Going to take another photo at the end of this week with the hopes of seeing some minor changes, as of now the scale says otherwise but I’m not going to get caught up in numbers.


Till next time, I run do you?

Insanity Setback?

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I really hope what happened last night doesn’t lead to a setback with my Insanity workouts.  I thought if I had any setbacks it would come from my (still healing) broken right leg and not my healthy one.  As I mentioned in earlier posts I’ve modified some moves to help continue the healing process for my right leg, well it was my left calf that felt like it was going to explode.  Just about halfway through Plyometric Cardio Circuit my calf tightened up without warning, at first I thought it was a cramp and I continued to push through the circuit.  At the next 30 second break I really stretched the calf but it didn’t respond.  I didn’t quit, how can you when it feels like Shaun T is actually in the room yelling at you :)   I finished the rest of the workout cautiously trying to not make conditions worse.

I’m sure most of you do the same and self diagnose your injury and I came up with a calf strain.  It’s actually not that bad today once I get up and move around, hopefully the warm up during tonight’s is Cardio Power and Resistance will do the trick.  Rest day tomorrow, my goal is to get through tonight with no further damage.  Fingers crossed all goes well and week one of Insanity is done!

Till next time I run do you?

Doesn’t Happen Overnight

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It doesn’t happen overnight, I just need to keep telling myself this.  It’s funny I did day 1 of Insanity last Sunday with my 7 year old son and what did he say to me last night as I was getting undressed from work?  Daddy you aren’t ripped yet!  I chuckled and said to him it doesn’t happen overnight.  I should start to see and feel some changes for sure by week 3.  If this is your first time doing Insanity I suggest you take a before and after photo.  You’ve heard it before a picture is worth a thousand words, if you disagree look at my before and after photo from 2 years ago.  I took the dreaded photo again last Sunday and will compare it to my next photo on Christmas morning.  Yup there was a reason why I started Insanity on November 25th, to make sure I can get a full month of Insanity in before the holiday.  Plyometric Cardio Circuit tonight and day 5 is a wrap.

Till next time I run do you?

Good Soreness From Insanity

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I always call soreness from workouts a good soreness and that’s exactly what I’m feeling today as I hit Day 5 of Insanity.  The soreness will last for the next 7-10 days as I continue to push myself with each workout, as you approach the end of the first 30 days the soreness tends to dissipate.  Then BAM! it starts all over again with month two as the workouts get longer and repetitions increase.  One piece of advice, no matter how sore you are don’t miss the next workout.  It’s a mental game, you think you’re to sore to workout but as soon as you start the warm up the soreness goes away.  Soreness is the result of microscopic tearing of muscles fibers which breaks down the muscle for future strength and stamina.  Remember there is a difference between pain and injury so be sure that the pain you feel is from soreness and not something more serious.  Here are some ideas to help with your soreness:

  • Stretch, don’t miss the stretching portion of Insanity.  I’ll admit I don’t follow all the stretching routines exactly and at times shorten the stretching portions.
  • Get sleep to help the body recover.
  • Drink plenty of water and protein after a workout.
  • Ice bath or cold shower.
  • Get up and move.

Tonight is Pure Cardio, not the longest of workout but also not the easiest.  This is an action packed workout with no rest unlike Plyo Cardio Circuit or Cardio Power and Resistance where you get 30 second breaks between each circuit.  Will I debate tonight’s workout because I’m sore, probably.  Will I miss tonight’s workout, absolutely not!

Till next time, I run do you?




Digging Deep All Over Again

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I’m digging deep and started Insanity again last night.  I decided to skip the fit test for a couple of reasons, first I didn’t want to do any power jumps with my leg and second, the fit test is really designed for those who haven’t done the workout before.  For first timers you really see the results and increase of repetitions by doing the fit test every two week, for me I already know that Insanity works and have seen the results.  So Plyometric Cardio Circuit it was.  After not really doing much of anything the last 11 weeks last night was a real eye opener and realized I have a long way to go before I get back to where I was physically.  Was it as hard as the first time I tried Insanity? No, but I think it’s only because I know what to expect.  After my workout I decided that I’m going to do Insanity for the next 112 days leading up to my daughters 4th birthday.  Figured this should really get me to where I want to be before the weather gets warmer.  I’m also going to concentrate on my diet.  Cutting down on carbs, junk food and eating smaller portions.  My diet today consisted of the following:

  • Morning coffee with tablespoon of creamer (my one daily vice)
  • Muscle Milk Light
  • Chobani Blueberry Yogurt
  • Salad with carrots, cucumber and low calorie honey mustard
  • Multi Grain pretzels
  • Water, water and more water

Not sure what the wife has going on for dinner, she always cooks good meals I just need make my portions smaller.

Back to the garage for Cardio, Power & Resistance  around 8PM when the kiddies go to sleep.

Till next time, I run do you?


Mud Race Equals Broken Leg

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As promised I would go into greater detail on how I broke my leg.  I decided to try something different this fall, instead of a triathlon, 5k or some other road race I signed up for the Super Spartan in Vernon, NJ an easy 40 minute drive from my home.  I figured why not try my endurance and strength with the new racing fade that has taken storm over the country.  Tough Mudder, MudX, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race are all very similar by adding obstacles like monkey bars, crawling under barbed wire, rope climbs, jumping in mud etc.  The distances vary from 5k all the way up to marathon distance, the Super Spartan was 12 miles with 30+ obstacles all taking place on a ski resort.  Sounds kick ass right?

I woke up race morning excited, I knew I had the distance covered but what about the obstacles?  If by chance you don’t finish any one obstacle you have to do thirty burpees.  If you don’t know what a burpee is click here.  Ok so I’ll pace myself if I fail at an obstacle.  My buddy Craig met at my house and off we went to Mountain Creek ski resort to meet a few of my other buddies at the starting line.  The atmosphere was totally different than any marathon or triathlon, it was more of a team feel, almost like you are going to battle and everyone around you is your ally.  With that my buddies and I agreed that we will let’s stick together and finish as one.  Well obviously the plan fell apart at mile three.  More on that in a bit.

Music blasting, smoke bombs filled the air and off we went straight up the mountain.  A slow jog quickly turned into a laboring walk up the hills as we made our approach to the summit.  At this point there weren’t any obstacles except one placed by nature itself.  A huge Copperhead snake decided to slither right across the trail, maybe this was a sign and I should’ve turned around.  We reach the summit, traveled through a rocky narrow path in the woods and then hit our first few obstacles.  A couple of 4 foot walls to jump over, crawl under some netting and jump into a series of huge mud puddles all completed without a problem.  Is this all Spartan had to offer?

An hour into the race we have to jump into a pond, swim about fifteen yards and dive under a few canoes then pull ourselves up on a dock then jump off for the last 10 yard swim to shore.  This is where it happened, right before the dock I put my feet down to see if I could touch the bottom to help boost myself up on the dock.  The water was too deep, knowing this I thought the water was just as deep when I jumped off the small five foot dock.  Nope not the case, I jumped out in knee high water and landed on something hard (thank God I didn’t jump head first), I heard and felt the POP right above my right ankle and down I went.  I was able to drag myself to the beach where all of my buddies were looking down at me.  I knew it was either a broken ankle or perhaps a busted Achilles tendon.  I told everyone to continue on and finish, Craig stayed with me for another ten minutes before I convinced him to carry on and finish what he started.  On to the first aid tent at the base of the mountain to receive treatment.  I waited there for about an hour then decided to hop over to the finish line to see my friends finish, little did I know that it would take almost another two hours before I watched them cross the finish line.  Apparently I missed out on all the hard stuff, the obstacles increased with difficulty as the race went on for another nine miles up and down the mountain numerous times.

I finally made it to the hospital five hours after I broke my leg and the x-ray clearly showed a clean spiral break in my right fibula.  The hospital put on a splint which two days later turned into a cast after seeing my friend Dr. Scott who is a podiatrist.  Let me just tell you that getting around in crutches really sucks.

Fast forward to today just over ten weeks from the accident and I’m back on my two feet again but not quite 100%.  Will I do Spartan again?  Not sure, maybe I’ll stick to sprint tri’s and 5k’s for now.  What I do know is that my body is well rested and the soreness from Insanity will be welcomed.

Till next time, I run do you?